Financial Planning

Financial Planning

One can receive value from good financial planning. Effective financial planning develops an overall financial program to meet the goals and objectives of the individual for the future.  The goal is to coordinate the total financial picture into an orderly financial program.  It is important to select a financial counselor who accepts your  personal values, works well with your present advisors, and is totally independent and objective.

Financial planning falls into the following areas:

Developing appropriate goals and objectives

Establishing reasonable expenses

Making sufficient income

Improve the financial performance of key financial assets

The most important objective of the financial plan is to obtain and maintain financial balance.  The six basic aspects of achieving financial balance are:

  1. Learn the consequences of financial bondage
  2. Learn the value of financial freedom
  3. Learn how to be a good steward and how to give
  4. Learn how to save money
  5. Learn how to work for money
  6. Understand the true meaning of wealth

In the context of comprehensive financial planning, Eckel Healthcare provides assistance in the following areas.


Medical Bill Facilitation Service

Background and Need for Service

Millions of our citizens do not have medical insurance or are underinsured. Also, many have insurance that does not offer negotiated discount rates. It is not uncommon to find a range of 300-400% difference in the price for the same medical service charged to different categories of patients.

The process of shifting the cost of services from large powerful employer groups to individuals with small insurance plans, and self-insured companies is common practice in the industry. These excessive bills which cannot be paid often lead to bankruptcy or a poor credit rating.

Hospitals and physicians are becoming more desperate to collect their fees to the point where some hospitals force arrests for non-payment. Eckel Healthcare helps patients avoid paying unreasonable or excess fees for medical service and offers a service to help individuals and companies negotiate discounts with doctors, hospitals, collection agencies, labs, governmental agencies and others in a responsible manner. Efforts are made to responsibly take care of existing medical bills on behalf of a client in any reasonable manner. The service also helps negotiate discounts on services insurance does not cover. Also, the service can negotiate discounts before the service is rendered. The service may not be able to secure a discount on every bill, but will make every reasonable effort to provide the assistance needed. We help patients through the maize of our sometimes confusing healthcare delivery system.

The negotiation service is not an insurance program and Eckel Healthcare does not offer legal advice.

Economy Service

This program is designed for the low income individual or family.

The maximum income allowed is determined by Eckel Healthcare.  The negotiating and discount service is provided at a greatly reduced price. The flat fee for each provider is $395.00 in total. A deposit of $200.00 is due at the initiation of the service. After the discount is secured, the balance of the fee is due in payments over a 3-month period.

There is a GUARANTEE for the service. If the discount is less than 20% the deposit will be refunded.

There is a minimum of $3,000.00 owed per provider to enter the program.

Full Service

This program is designed for individuals with no insurance, pre-existing conditions, and limited insurance. Employers who are self-employed and use out of network services can also use the service.

There is a minimum for submitted bills of $5000.00 per provider. The total fee is 20% of the total amount of bill reduction per provider. There is a required deposit of $500.00 per provider to begin the process. The balance of the fee is due at the time the discount is negotiated.

There is a GUARANTEE for the service. If the discount is less than 20% the deposit will be refunded.

There is a minimum of $5000.00 per provider to enter the program.


Health Insurance

Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP) empowers consumers by letting them design and select their own health plans in an open market with a range of options at every stage. CDHP’s establish individual choice as the core of the health care system.  A high deductible health insurance policy is combined with a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA).  Each year the unused balance in the HSA is carried over and the new allowed amount (±$200 single and ±$4000 family) is added to the balance.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the HSA is the triple tax advantage – tax free when contributed, tax free as it grows, and tax free when it is withdrawn. The most attractive model now is an HSA with a PPO high deductible health plan.

Medicare supplemental plans and Medicare Advantage plans are also available.

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Equity Indexed Annuities

The subject of annuities can be confusing.  Many people have difficulty understanding them.  This is probably due to the tremendous variety of Annuities.  They can either be single or flexible payment; fixed or variable; deferred or immediate.  No matter the type they are financial contracts with Insurance Companies that are primarily designed to be a source of retirement income.

Equity Indexed Annuities are very popular today. They offer the investor a guaranteed minimum return in the stock market in exchange for a limit on the maximum return.  In short: you get zero downside risk with the opportunity to earn market returns on the upside plus a guaranteed minimum return.

There are many methodologies for calculating the market return.  There is a product to meet the various needs of the client.

There are many advantages of an Equity Indexed Annuity (EIA).  Some of them are the following:

•The opportunity for the earnings to grow tax deferred.  Triple compounding. (Investment, Interest, and Tax savings)

•Initial Investment Bonus


•Death Benefit with no Probate


•Lifetime Income


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